CLER (Loire Centre for Romanian Studies) is a research centre at the University of Angers, which brings together researchers from all disciplines who work on or in connection with Romania. The aim is to inform all CLER researchers, the members of Amis du CLER organization and all who manifest their interest on the current scientific research on Romania. Researchers may submit their latest articles, news on this blog, which is a space of sharing.

Its objectives:

1) Research and coordination

– Between researchers who work or wish to work on and / or with Romania

– Encourage interdisciplinary research

– Enhance, share and build knowledge of Romania

2) Support programs

– Advise, connect, inform on research and educational programs that can facilitate relations with Romania

– Search and guide towards partners in Romania

3) Promotion and Partnerships

– Work, studies, conferences, scientific papers …

– Develop and build research concerning Romania with external partners (institutions, organizations).


Chairman: Samuel Delépine

Treasurer: Emmanuel Bioteau

Secretary: Cristiana Pavie

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